Kayak Tours

Here at Sunshine Kayaking, we offer the ultimate Kayaking Experience. We have experts in the field who have decades of experience on the water. These are veterans that have encountered every challenge you can whilst kayaking, therefore giving them the knowledge to handle any situation. You’re in good hands when you’re with us. Everything is taken care of by us, just bring yourself and whatever you want to enjoy your trip with.

We’ve provided our Kayak Tours for ages now and have dealt with countless customers. Our customers fall in love with Kayaking after they’ve been with us and often join our community of recurring Kayakers who share the same passion for the sport.

The world is a beautiful place and Kayaking has always been an effective way to fully appreciate the natural beauty of the world. We love the fact that Kayaking is Eco-Friendly, we can enjoy nature for what it is without doing any harm to it. All garbage is disposed off correctly, not thrown into the waters. The waters are our business and as any business owner should, we care for our business and want it to thrive.

We provide both half-days lasting approximately three hours, as well as full-day tours lasting approximately seven hours. We are very flexible, and you can customize your trip to be longer or shorter, all of this can be discussed, and we’ll work something out.

Kayaking Tours Information:

  • Amazing marine life and views to see
  • Half-day and Full-day Guides Tours
  • Guests of all ages and backgrounds welcomed
  • All guest needs will be taken care of
  • Single and tandem Kayaks
  • All equipment and gear included
  • Solo trips / Family trips / Group trips welcome

If you’re interested in our Kayak Tours then please contact us here.