Best Kayak Cell Phone Case: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Your phone is your life these days. Whether you go to work, go for a hike or take a kayak trip, you need it there.

We’ve all been there – you’re connected to your emails, notifications, texts, or even the GPS when out there in the wild.

Now, when it comes to kayaking, your phone is exposed to a lot of risks, and water is by far the most important one.

Sure, many smartphones today are waterproof to a certain point, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t mean that you’ll go swimming with your phone in your pocket.

Besides, kayaking is also about using all sorts of tools and ropes – there’s a pretty good chance that a phone will fall all over, get scratched, or even cracked.

While any decent case will offer a bit of protection, the truth is you want a proper kayak cell phone case – designed for this purpose.

There are specific considerations to pay attention to before buying one, not to mention certain cases that stand out in the crowd.

All in all, this guide will give you the best-rated options on the market but also teach you what to look for in a kayak cell phone case – let’s go!

Kayaker with a waterproof phone case

Our Picks

Syncwire Waterproof Phone Pouch

Syncwire’s kayak cell phone case can normally take phones with screens up to seven inches. Unless your phone has an awkward shape, you’ll be able to fit it in.

Basically, it can take most types of iPhones, as well as Samsung Galaxy phones, Google Pixel phones, and so on.

Keep in mind that this isn’t an actual case that will match your phone like a glove – instead, it’s a pouch with a slight degree of adjustability.

The pouch is universal and IPX8 waterproof. It’s great for any activity that involves water – apart from kayaking, you can take it on the beach, sailing, snorkeling, and so on.

Normally, if you have a thick phone case, you should remove it. However, it’s not mandatory – try fitting the phone in with its case and see if it goes in.

Now, it’s worth noting that the waterproof rating is only for 100 feet in depth. The unit has a snap and lock access design, so the seal is perfect – great against dust, sand and dirt too.

The TPU material is soft, so most smartphones can be used while in the pouch – don’t expect fingerprint recognition to work, though. But then, this means you can use the phone underwater too.


  • Suitable for most smartphones
  • Allows using the device underwater
  • Can also be used for money and cards
  • You can use the smartphone while in the pouch


  • Using the touchscreen is a bit difficult when you’re underwater

Tuff Hero Waterproof Phone Pouch

Tuff Hero takes value for money to another level and gives you not one, but two different pouches. There are no differences between them.

If you think you only need one, think twice – maybe you could give the other one to your partner or a close friend who you go kayaking with. Overall, it’s a great gift.

The kayak cell phone can take most smartphones with screens up to seven inches. Basically, most smartphones will fit in – all iPhones, most Samsung devices, and so on.

The case is available in orange only – it’s not really about style here, but you want a vibrant color that you can see anywhere, anytime.

Given the size, it can take more than just your phone – money, passport, cards, or even your wallet. It’s based on IPX8 waterproof materials and features a heavy-duty construction.

You can go underwater to 100 feet and still be able to use the phone – a bit complicated, but doable. You can even retrieve it easily if you drop it underwater because the case has a floatable design.

As if all these were not enough, it has a strap and an arm band – lots of adjustabilities there. Bottom line, this kayak cell phone case is suitable for all kinds of holidays and days out that involve water.


  • Floatable design
  • Vibrant and visible color
  • Can take more than just your phone
  • Allows using the phone underwater


  • Sliding underwater could be a bit difficult

AiRunTech Waterproof Pouch

AiRunTech’s kayak cell phone case won’t disappoint – it’s a must-have for water vacations due to its triple zip lock protection. It can keep your phone dry up to 32 feet in depth.

Apart from phones, you can use the pouch for passports, money, cards, or even your wallet if it’s small. You can take it swimming, kayaking, tubing, paddle boarding, and so on.

The case is available in more colors. Each of them allows using the phone underwater, apart from the black one. The black case is not touchscreen friendly, but it may work.

Measuring 8.5×5.8 inches, it’s spacious enough to carry pretty much every smartphone out there – usually up to seven inches – and small things. It will also float.

The pouch is practical and adjustable – it comes with a comfy waist pack, so you can keep it around you all the time.

The strap goes between 33.5 and 42.5 inches, so it will match more people out there. You can also use it as a shoulder or cross body bag.

The manufacturer recommends taking a waterproof test before taking your phone underwater – just grab some paper towel and stick it in there during your swimming session to ensure there are no leaks.


  • Available in more colors
  • Spacious on the inside
  • Comes with an adjustable strap
  • Two pack


  • Some may find it a bit too large for small smartphones

KastKing Cyclone Seal Dry Bag

KastKing takes things to another level. You won’t just get a small kayak cell phone case, but a full package including a large bag as well.

The dry bag is suitable for all kinds of watery and dusty activities. Based on 500D PVC and featuring ultrasonic welded seams, it can keep all your valuables dry – clothes, devices, and so on.

It’s available in more colors and comes in more sizes. The small one – five liters – measures about seven inches in diameter. The large one – 30 liters – has just over 27 inches in diameter.

Every pocket is waterproof and enhanced with professional seams and buckles. Besides, the bag is split into more compartments.

You can use the main compartment for clothes, for example. You can use the small ones for valuables, like your phone or cards.

The outside features a reflection strap – located on the zipper. It’s good for safety, but also for you to see the bag at night.

Bottom line, this isn’t really a kayak cell phone case, but a waterproof bag that will keep all your valuables dry – including your phone.


  • Available in more sizes
  • Comes in more colors
  • More compartments
  • Reflection strap for safety


  • Phone case is too small for phablets or large smartphones

Newppon Waterproof Cell Phone Pouch

Newppon will give you more than just a single kayak cell phone case – two identical cases and excellent value for money. The other one is great for your partner or a friend – just a thoughtful gift.

Suitable for all kinds of outdoor activities, the kayak cell phone case will prevent water from getting in, as well as dust and dirt. They come in a few different colors.

The pouch can fit most smartphones – up to 7.2 inches. It’s transparent and allows using your device underwater – a bit difficult to slide, but overall, it’s doable. You can take pictures or shoot videos too.

If you do plan to use it underwater, it might be a good idea to start shooting before you actually go in – you’ll see working on the touchscreen underwater feels unnatural and challenging.

Regarding its waterproof capabilities, the unit is IPX8 certified. You can take it underwater up to 100 feet. It has dual swivel locks to keep the phone and other valuables sealed.

Based on PVC, the front and the back of the pouch are transparent, so you can make sure your camera sees everything – and you can see the touchscreen.

The unit comes with a lanyard, so you can always keep the phone next to you. The lanyard is adjustable and comfy – you can keep it around your neck or arm, for example.


  • Excellent value for money
  • Can use the phone and camera underwater
  • You may not necessarily have to remove the phone case
  • Comes in more colors


  • Using side buttons like the volume could be a bit difficult

Stash7 Waterpocket Premium Waterproof Phone Pouch

Stash7 has designed the perfect kayak cell phone case if you want funky colors and designs. Available in a few different colors – orange, blue and black, the unit can fit most smartphones on the market.

If your phone has a screen measuring less than 6.5 inches, chances are it will fit in there. If it feels too tight, you just need to remove its actual case – try it with the case first, just to make sure.

The unit has certified IPX8 waterproof capabilities. In other words, it can be submerged underwater and can protect your phone in all kinds of watery situations – beach days, snorkeling, and others.

Given the size, chances are you’ll be able to fit more things in there – after all, we always keep more than just a phone on us. Grab your money, passport, and cards and keep everything together.

Despite feeling soft, the kayak cell phone case is extremely durable and features high grade materials. It will last without losing its waterproof profile.

The unit has a unique stash leash – 40 inches and is built like a nautical grade cord. It is well secure and comes with a clip that goes on anything – your belt, life jacket, backpack, swimsuit, and others.

Finally, not only do you get to take your smartphone everywhere, but you’ll also be able to use it underwater – fingerprint recognition may not work, though.


  • Funky and good looking design
  • Great for most smartphones
  • Superior construction
  • Solid lanyard


  • Might feel a bit tight for large smartphones, but it tends to loosen up with time

Optrix by Body Glove Kit

This isn’t the average kayak cell phone case you’ll be able to use on most smartphones up to a certain size. Instead, it’s been specifically designed for the sixth generation of iPhone only.

Suitable for iPhone 6 and 6S, the case may also fit other similar phones if they have the same size – just double check sizing upfront and pay attention to the back location of the camera.

The unit features a solid IP68 waterproof construction – up to 33 feet, which is more than enough for most water-related activities.

The unit also comes with some dropping capabilities, but obviously, you don’t want to test it this way – it seems to be drop-resistant up to 20 feet. Hopefully, you’ll never find out.

Other than that, the case is only available in a clear design – no funky colors there, though. It’s crush-resistant and features a resistant unibody design – no issues in terms of durability.

When it comes to the camera, there are two glass and aluminum interchangeable lenses – no degree and 166 degree. They will enhance your pictures and take them to another level.

You can also invest in the professional package, which comes with even more lenses. Other than that, the case is fully mountable – suitable for everyone who wants protection with functionality.


  • Solid and durable construction
  • Professional lenses included in the package
  • Good looking design
  • Available in a few different packages


  • Wide lens may feel a bit flimsy when fitted

AquaVault 100% Waterproof Floating Smart Phone Case

Measuring 7.25×4.25×0.5 inches and weighing just over four ounces in weight, AquaVault’s kayak cell phone case is meant to take most smartphones out there.

Specifically made for water-based activities, this case can also float and ensures you will recover your phone if you drop it. It’s just as good against dust and dirt.

Since you can go underwater, the case also allows using the phone – forget about fingerprint recognition, though, as it’s less likely to work. Moreover, you can take the case up to 30 feet underwater.

There are no risks in terms of leaks. Sure, you should still test it out with a paper towel – you never know. But overall, you have a triple seal design and reinforced corners.

Reinforced corners help with the overall protection – after all, we all drop our phones every now and then. It happens – corners are extremely fragile, hence the reinforcements.

Just because your phone is in a case, it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. In fact, you have full functionality, and a strap included – the strap allows you to take the phone anywhere without risking to lose it.

The kayak cell phone case is available in a few different colors – black, white, pink, and blue. The more vibrant it is, the easier it is to see.


  • Works with most smartphones
  • Adjustable neck strap
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Less likely to lose its waterproof profile overtime


  • Feels a bit too tight for large smartphones

Buyer’s Guide

Now, these are some of the best-rated kayak cell phone cases and pouches out there. You can tell there are quite a few differences between them – what do you need to look for then?


The size is what makes the difference. Make sure the size is suitable for your device. Try to get something slightly larger – you don’t want it too tight.

Plus, a bit of extra space on the inside will also allow you to store other things, such as money, cards, or your passport.

Waterproof profile

This is the main consideration in the process – you need to ensure the case is waterproof, but also durable. Opt for a good certification and a solid design that won’t lose its capabilities overtime.


Functionality is your main priority – it always goes before the actual design. But then, you want the kayak cell phone case to look good too.

Avoid fancy designs that overcome the purpose of the case. Other than that, you need a clear profile on the front and back – for the screen and camera.

Touchscreen friendliness

Ideally, you should be able to use the phone underwater, but this isn’t a general rule. If you hope to snap some pictures underwater or take some cool videos, make sure the front part is touchscreen friendly.


Bottom line, deciding on the best kayak cell phone case is not that difficult. No matter what phone you have, keep in mind that functionality always comes first.

Any of the above-mentioned cases will provide an excellent experience in terms of uses and extras, but at the end of the day, your smartphone size and actual needs dictate the final decision.​

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