GoPro Kayak Mount: Ways To Mount Your GoPro

GoPros are the best action cameras you can buy, and you can put them anywhere while playing sports, driving a car or swimming. Not to forget, you can also use a GoPro to record your kayaking adventure.

Whether gliding along the sea waves or plunging off roaring waterfalls, most people want to share their amazing kayaking experience with their friends and family members. That being said, you probably don’t want to spend too much time fixing your GoPro kayak mount.

This article will share some awesome ways to mount your GoPro for kayaking. In addition to that, we will also share a shortlist of some of the best GoPro kayak mounts on the market.

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Best GoPro Kayak Mounting Positions

Over the Shoulder Mount

If you are camera shy and don’t want to see yourself in the camera, you can use the shoulder mount for your GoPro. This GoPro kaya mount will only show your back and the picturesque scenery you are looking at.

Front Middle Mount

The front middle mount will allow you to mount your GoPro on the bow. This way, you can take all the beautiful shots as you paddle the kayak. This GoPro kayak mount works for both pictures and videos.

Helmet Mount

The helmet mount will enable you to place the GoPro in the helmet. You can place the camera in the front of the backside of the helmet. This GoPro kayak mount works well with whitewater kayaking and stays stable even in rapid river conditions.

Adhesive Mount

Another way to mount a GoPro camera in a kayak is to attach the mount permanently. However, you don’t need to drill the mount in the kayak. You can attach an adhesive mount with the help of a double-back adhesive pad. Many types of adhesive mounts are available; some are flat while others are slightly curved.

Drill Down Mount

While drilling holes in a kayak are not recommended, this is one of the best ways to mount a GoPro in a kayak. The benefit of a drill-down mount is that it will not fall off and will act as a suction cup, staying firmly in its place.

If you don’t have a rail or track in your kayak, then this GoPro kayak mount will work just fine for you.

Track/Rail Mount

If you have a rail or track system installed in your kayak, you are lucky. Tracks and rails are versatile, and you can attach the camera mount to them. There are camera mounts available in the market compatible with tracks and rails.

The benefit of attaching the camera mount to tracks is that it easily moves the mount around. The mount is not fixed in one position. With this camera mounting position, you film your adventure from different angles.

Wrist Mount

This is an easy way to mount your GoPro in the kayak since you don’t need to install anything. You can mount the camera on your wrist and record your kayaking adventure. Wrist mounts are perfect for capturing videos.

Clamp Mount

This is a versatile method of mounting a GoPro camera in a kayak. The clamp mount is made to fit different objects. You can attach a clamp mount anywhere in your kayak or place it at the back of your seat.

The clamp mount will allow you to take pictures and videos from several angles.

Another advantage of the clamp mount is that you don’t need any mounting hardware or drill holes in your kayak. Clamp mounts easily attach to anything with a diameter of ¼ to 2 inches.

Chest Mount

Easily wearable mounts are the best ones since you don’t have to install them in the kayak. A chest mount is lightweight, versatile and adjustable and can fit all types of body sizes. You can also fit the chest mount over several layers of clothing. Typically, chest mounts are made from breathable materials that will not hinder your stroke as you glide across the river.

Best GoPro Kayak Mounts

Man with gopro mounted to his helmet

Now that we have discovered the best GoPro kayak mount positions, we will now share a shortlist of the best GoPro kayak mounts that you can get your hands on.

1. Panfish Pro Camera Mount (CMS-1002) by YakAttack

This GoPro kayak mount is manufactured by YakAttack; it is lightweight and rotatable. This mount is compatible with the following camera brands:

  • Nikon
  • Sony
  • Canon
  • DJI Osmo
  • GoPro

This product comes with a 360-degree rotation LockNLoad system and easily comes off. This camera mount is made of aluminum material and has a lifetime guarantee.

What we liked

  • Compatible with all digital and GoPro cameras
  • A sturdy aluminum frame reduces shaking
  • LockNLoad system allows angle adjustments
  • You can mount it in the track systems of the kayak
  • Offers 360-degree camera adjustability

2. Suction Cup Mount by Bodhi Floaty

This kayak GoPro mount comes with three powerful suction cups that hold it securely in place. The suction cups are fitted with a locking mechanism, which will allow them to stick the kayak easily. However, you will need to remove this product carefully so it doesn’t cause harm to the kayak.

The advantage of using the Bodhi Floaty suction cup mount is that it has powerful vibration dampening capabilities. In fact, the vibration dampening of this mount is three times more powerful than other suction cup mounts.

This is a simple camera mount and is easy to set up. The Bodhi Floaty suction cup mount is designed with an air-tight core, enabling it to float freely. The material this product is made from is high-grade marine aluminum.

The aluminum material enables this suction cup mount to withstand sun exposure, salt exposure and extreme weather conditions.

What we liked

  • Compatible with hard-sided kayaks
  • Capable of floating in the water
  • Comes with three powerful suction cups
  • Fitted with a tether loop that offers extra security

3. Performance Chest Mount by GoPro

This high-quality and sturdy chest mount is manufactured by GoPro; it is balanced, comfortable, lightweight and versatile. This chest mount is compatible with all body sizes, and you can even wear it over thick winter jackets.

The quick-release buckle will allow you to release the mount, even with the gloves on quickly. This GoPro chest mount gives you a stable platform to record all your favorite moments.

What we liked

  • Well-padded design and stretchy straps
  • Quick-release buckle
  • Adjustable straps
  • Fits all types of body sizes
  • Offers unique POV shots
  • Well Padded construction
  • Offers a stable platform

4. Camera Boom 600 R-Lock with Action Camera Adapter by RAILBLAZA

This RAILBLAZA GoPro kayak mount is adjustable due to its R-lock friction joints. The knuckle joints are also adjustable, and you can mount them to the side of the kayak. This product will offer you several camera angles; the arm is rigid and stylish, breaking into three pieces.

This product can rotate 360 degrees, weighs approximately fifteen ounces, and you can fit in the kayak with ¼ twenty-inch screws. The R-lock friction joint will enable you to maneuver this camera mount with one hand.

What we liked

  • Offers 360-degree rotation
  • Breaks into three pieces
  • Adjustable knuckle joints
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Offers different camera angles

5. Kayak Portable Camera Mount by Brocraft

This Brofcraft kayak portable camera mount is compatible with GoPro cameras. This product is made of aluminum, and you can attach it to the tracking system in the kayak. This camera mount is portable, making it easy to carry and store.

Apart from being portable, this product is durable and sturdy, which will last several years. The Brocraft camera mount comes with a one-touch button in the base, instantly releasing the mount.   This mount will offer several camera angles, and you can also use it to do documentary-style shooting.

What we liked

  • Portable mount
  • One-touch release button
  • Compatible with GoPro cameras
  • Sturdy and durable product
  • Made of aluminum material

Frequently Asked Questions

Things to Consider before buying GoPro Kayak Mount?

Compatibility of the GoPro

Before you buy a GoPro kayak mount, you need to ensure whether the mount is compatible with the camera or not. Even the best GoPro mounts on the planet are pretty useless if they are not compatible with your camera.

However, the good news is GoPro uses a universal mounting system for all their cameras, so you will easily find a mount that pairs with your GoPro camera. You need to remember that certain mounts don’t pair with large GoPro cameras, such as the GoPro Max Pro or the GoPro Fusion.

For instance, if you use a large GoPro camera with a helmet mount, it might disturb the weight distribution of the helmet.

The large-sized GoPro cameras can also limit the adjustability of the mount. Please always check the compatibility of the mount before buying a mount for your GoPro camera.

Compatibility of the kayak

Now that you know how important it is for the mount to be compatible with the GoPro camera, you should also check the compatibility of the kayak. If your camera is not compatible with the kayak, you won’t be able to use it.

For instance, suction mounts are not compatible with inflatable kayaks. If you wish to use a tracking mount, you must ensure that your kayak has a track mount system. Other varieties of mounts don’t need to be installed in the boat.

Temporary vs. Permanent Mounts

Some mounts are designed to permanently attach to your kayak, while others can only attach for a short period of time. Helmet and drill-down mounts can attach to the kayak permanently, and you will need to use hardware or adhesives to secure the camera in place.

Generally, permanent mounts are better than their temporary counterparts. In other words, your GoPro camera is likely to fall off the mount that is fixed in place permanently. However, attaching your mount permanently has drawbacks as well.

Installing a mount on a helmet or kayak will alter the gear. These mounts can also become tough to use because you cannot maneuver them at will. Unable to maneuver the mount, you will be forced to record your kayaking adventure from one angle rather than several.

Warranty and Durability

Paddlers need to consider the warranty and durability of the mounts before they purchase them. While kayaking, you can encounter bad weather and rough conditions, which can be tough to handle for the gear.

This means that you need to invest in GoPro kayak mounts that are made from durable and reliable materials such as ABS plastic and aluminum. Apart from considering the product’s durability, you also need to consider the warranty.

The best brands offer some warranty along with their products, which would mean you won’t have to spend much on repairs. However, you must understand that manufacturers will not cover the costs if the mount is damaged.

Water Resistance

If you plan to take your GoPro in water, you need to ensure that the amount you are using is water-resistant. You also need to ensure that the mount can float so that if it falls in the water, you can pick it up and put it back in the kayak instantly.


Should your mount have a case? Well, this depends on where you are going to place your mount in the kayak. If you want to place the mount at the edge of the kayak, then you should opt for a case.

The surface of the Mount

Mounts come with all types of surfaces; however, mounts that come with suction pumps are the most reliable ones. However, if your kayak has a rough surface, the suction pump mounts won’t work.

Tether Clip

When you take your GoPro camera in the water, it is necessary to have a fail-safe. You can easily lose your camera if you accidentally knock off the mount or run into a large wave. You can have some tether clip attached to the mount to ensure it stays in place. Some mounts even come with a tether clip, so try to buy them.

How to attach a GoPro Mount to the Helmet?

There are several ways you can attach a GoPro mount to your helmet. Below are five easy ways that will enable you to attach the mount to your helmet:

Attach the on the Chin

You can use a chin mount for the helmet. You can attach this mount to your chin with the help of a strap. These mounts are typically compatible with all types of GoPro cameras. Also, if you want your helmet mount to be adjustable, you should invest in the chin mount.

Curved and Flat Adhesive Mounts

You can also use curved and flat adhesive mounts for your helmet. Adhesive mounts are usually compatible with flat and curved surfaces, such as helmets. The adhesive will secure the mount to the helmet. Adhesives are also easily removable, and to attach them to the helmet; you will need to apply heat to it.

Side Mounts

You can also mount your GoPro on the side of your helmet. These mounts are typically made of high-quality and sturdy materials and are reliable and durable. These mounts are ideal for water-based sports, as they will enable you to adjust the angle.

Strap Mount

This mount will enable you to attach your GoPro camera to the top of your helmet. The strap is adjustable and mounts on the help easily and seamlessly. Since the strap of the mount is adjustable, it will fit helmets of all sizes.

If you want a wide shot from your GoPro camera, then this mount is perfect for you. Also, since the GoPro camera will be mounted in the middle or on the top, the camera’s weight will be equally distributed.

Front GoPro Helmet Mounts

Lastly, you can also mount a GoPro camera in front of your helmet. This mount is powerful and is made of durable materials such as stainless steel and polycarbonate. You can also adjust this mount easily.

The mount is extendable, which will allow you to turn the camera on for self-portrait photos and videos. Water sports enthusiasts adore this mount since it gives them a 360-degree camera view. If you like a 360-degree camera view, install the mount in front of the helmet.

You can also adjust this mount for different angles, which will enable you to take breathtaking videos and photos. If you are going kayaking, don’t forget this mount.

How to Get the Best Shot from the Mount?

To get the best shot from your mount, you should follow these tips:

  • Ensure the camera is secure in the mount.
  • Use mounts that are extendable.
  • Try to keep the camera in a protective case.
  • Set your camera at 60fms to record slow-motion videos.
  • Please ensure nothing is obstructing the view of the camera.
  • Carry all the necessary cables and carry a portable charger if possible.
  • If you want to record high-speed videos, you should shoot at 2.7k 30 modes.


In this article, we discussed different types of GoPro kayak mounts. We have also given a shortlist of the best mounts you can buy from the market. Towards the end of the article, there is a FAQ section that discusses things you need to consider before investing in a Kayak GoPro mount.

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