Can You Wrap a Kayak? Yes – And Why You Should!

Can you wrap a kayak? In short, the answer is yes. You can most definitely wrap a kayak.

Vinyl wraps aren’t only used for cars, they’ve been used on boats for years now.

Boat wrapping is very common and many boat owners take pride in wrapping their boats. Though, wrapping a kayak is very uncommon. The reason for this is up for debate however I believe the main reason for this is the fact that people do not take as much pride in their kayaks as they do with other boats. This is because kayaks are relatively cheap compared to other boats which can be considered large investments. Also, people tend not to hold onto their kayaks for very long and therefore it’s not worth investing into a quality wrap.

A lot of people recommend vinyl wrapping your boat to help protect your boat and make its exterior more durable, but is that true? Will a vinyl wrap protect your boat against significant abrasion? In this article I’m going to answer that.

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Is It Possible to Wrap a Kayak?

Yes you can vinyl wrap a kayak. Wrapping technology has come a long way, and professionals have only gotten better at applying wraps over the years. Strong durable wraps can be purchased which will be both suitable for salt and freshwater kayaking, allowing you to take your wrapped kayak anywhere you want.

Nowadays practically anything can be wrapped. People have wrapped ridiculous things from gaming consoles to their toilets. Therefore, it shouldn’t be a surprise that a kayak can be wrapped. Wrappers are only getting better at their job over-time.

Many wrappers will also provide a warranty for at least a year, meaning you won’t have to pay if anything happens to your wrap in that timeframe, though this does vary per provider.

You can also wrap your kayak yourself. Kayak wrap DIY can be a little tricky if you have no experience therefore it’s always recommended to have a professional do the work, though this can be expensive – prices vary greatly depending on the size of the graphic you want.

If you’re a handy man (Or woman) that takes pride in doing everything yourself then feel free to give it an attempt. By doing the work yourself you could fully wrap your kayak for as little as a $100.

Check out this video by Kayak USA in which they step by step explain how to wrap your own kayak cheap and easily.

Why Should You Wrap Your Kayak?

Vinyl wrapping a kayak isn’t cheap, so why should you bother? Let me explain a few of the benefits.

Stand Out

Wrapping your kayak is a great way to make it stand out against the rest. Your friends and family will be jealous when you rock up to a kayaking event with your customized kayak. Due to the rarity of wrapped kayaks, you will surely stand out and have bragging rights over everyone else.


Personalizing your kayak can be a great way of expressing your creativity and making your kayak represent you as a person. If you have a goofy personality then you can go with some colourful and wacky, whereas if you’re a more serious person then go with a more dark or meaningful design.

Your wrap doesn’t have to be a huge full-body piece. You could want something as simple as a small logo or crest to represent your brand. This is particularly useful for businesses which rent our kayaks, allowing them to further monetise their rentals by having their brand put in front of other kayakers who may be interested in purchasing or renting a kayak.

Vinyl Wraps Are Better Than Paint

Wrapping your kayak is often a better alternative to painting it as a wrap can easily be peeled off to return a kayak back to its factory state. Whereas with paint it’s not so easy. This is important when it comes to selling your kayak, as having a design painted on it can drastically reduce your number of potentials buyers.

Also, paint will need to be polished regularly for best results, whereas a wrap can be washed down with some soapy water. This results in less maintenance and more time you can be having fun with your vessel out on the water.

Vinyl wraps tend to look better than paint because of how perfectly a graphic can be printed. The vinyl texture also leaves a nice smooth shiny finish. Though you can also go with a matt design if you’re not a fan of gloss, it’s completely up to you.


Vinyl wraps can add a layer of protection to your kayak. Sure, they won’t make a huge different, if you crash into some rocks then the wrap isn’t going to safe your kayak from damage, but it could protect against more gentle scratches and abrasions. You wouldn’t purchase a wrap just for this reason but it’s a nice extra benefit which comes with the rest. Any minor scratches and abrasions will simply disappear once you remove your wrap, making it easy to sell on your kayak.

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